Mystery of Love Live Session Video Launch


Hey! My name’s Henri. I’m part of the fantastic musical group called ‘Aquarius Dreams’. We like to describe our music as ‘psychedelic dreamfolk’, although I think it leans more towards the ‘dream’ than it does the ‘psychedelic’. I guess it depends what kind of mood you’re in, or what kind of drugs you’re on. Anyways. This is my first ever blog post, so you may have to bare with me as I freely ramble and attempt to find my voice within this mess of words.

This past weekend was super special for me. Aquarius Dreams just launched it’s first EVER live session recording. For a band that’s been around for over two years, this honestly feels like it’s long overdue; and it really is. We’ve been trying to get a video going for years, but something always, and I mean always goes wrong. Either there’s a recording issue that renders the sound utterly useless, or the people who are supposed to edit the video just can’t deliver their promise, or the footage is just not up to our expectations. Normally, I would retrospectively attribute this to my perfectionist nature, but in all honestly I really do think we’ve just been having a string of bad luck. It was about time we caught a break, and with this video I think we really did.

The video we released is a live session recording of the song ‘Mystery of Love’ by Sufjan Stevens from the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’. Now, when I say “live session”, I don’t really mean “live session”. We did multiple takes that day and chopped up the video and audio in the most ideal of combinations. But hey, it sounds great and we saved tons of money by not having to have 5 camera people on scene. The song itself is really dear to my heart. I’ve been a fan of Sufjan Stevens ever since my good friend Charlie introduced me to him back in our residence years at McGill University (I’m sure more stories from that time will emerge at some point). But recently, Sufjan’s content has become more and more poignant for me musically; much like Bon Iver’s music in the early 2010’s. His melodic and lyrical flow is really unparalleled for me at the moment, and I find it hard to listen to his music without my mind wandering far off into a nostalgia for something that I never really experienced, but feel like I might have.


I first heard ‘Mystery of Love’ in a trailer for ‘Call me by your name’ when I was in the theatre watching ‘Loving VIncent’ - which is also a really really fantastic movie by the way. I immediately got chills as I recognized Sufjan’s gentle finger-picked strings and tender voice. I was honestly sold within seconds (talk about good advertising) and within an hour of leaving the cinema I had looked up the song and was learning the chords. I brought it the band and they were obviously down (they like to make me happy) and so I was left having to ask myself: ‘can we pull this off?’.

I think we finally did.

Let me know what you think of our cover! I would love to hear from you 🌺

Sweet dreams,